Beth Reynolds is a formally trained Flatwork rider & professionally educated Sport Horse Trainer, EA NCAS Coach, Working Equitation Specialist & ANWE Judge.

Beth also has an extensive history in the Breaking & Re-training industry during which, cattle work on both young & educated horses was common place.


When Beth commenced her journey with Classical training, she was pleasantly surprised to find her skills & methodologies – previously utilised working within a world of Breakers and a yard full of extreme problem horses – were now producing exceptional results!

 Beth & Rubin

As Beth says “I have been Lucky to fall into good hands. I could have just as easily fallen into bad one’s, but I worked bloody hard to earn my place”

Over many years, Beth has developed a comprehensive ground schooling repertoire that includes Liberty, Classical In-Hand, Long Reining, ground control for safe horse handling & physiotherapy exercises to develop mental & physical soundness in the Horse.


Beth Reynolds’ Performance Flatwork education system focuses on activating the horse’s muscular & nervous system required to achieve self-carriage. Beth’s approach to equine education is Bio-mechanically focused to achieve balance, engagement, agility, responsiveness & focus. This enables riders to then direct their horse into any discipline they desire.


Because of the diversity of horses & riders Beth has worked with over the decades she is not confined by the exceptions of what is required in the Dressage arena. She does develop the rhythm, tempo & cadence needed  for Classical Dressage but can also include the wide verity of movements & skills required by horse & riders to perform higher impact sports like Working Equitation & Camp Drafting.

Nichole over bridge

The beauty of Beth’s curriculum is that it works for all breeds of horses, requires no form of gadget to restrict movement & is achievable by all levels of rider.

Beth happily works with novice & inexperienced to high performance riders in disciplines from Dressage to Working Equitation & Camp Drafting. Recently Beth has been ask to assist riders wanting to perform in Western disciplines with great results. 


Beth is an EA NCAS accredited Coach. She travels throughout Australia to Teach, Coach & Train horses & riders in disciplines including Dressage, Working Equitation, Ground Schooling & Problem Solving.

~ Beth’s ‘Pursuit of Excellence ~

Within the realm of Working Equitation continues, having twice hosted  & trained under the watchful eye of Internationally acclaimed World Champion, Eduardo Almedia at her own training centre

~ Reynolds Run ~



Please note; If you are wanting to develop confidence or are learning to trot & canter correctly or are having problems with a particular horse these lessons & training are most certainly available, but they are not suitable for group lesson situations. These lessons need to be had in private lesson bookings only & in a suitably safe environment.

Beth’s curriculum can be presented & learn’t via

Clinics, Group lessons & Private lessons that are available Australia wide. If you have a Facility, private or public or a Club & would like to host a clinic, please get in contact. There are generous benefits for organizers. 

Distant education via video analysis, Beth records her voice over of  the video footage & returns it to you & then you have a phone conversation to clarify observations & develop a training schedule to proceed with. 

Weekend Retreat Packages at Reynolds Run Young NSW

Residential week long blocks at Reynolds Run Young NSW

So no matter where you are in Australia you can access this knowledge to develop your relationship & performance with your horse. 

Contact Beth Reynolds directly for inquires, appointments & bookings on 0403801133