Welcome to the Wonderful World of Working Equitation

Working Equitation is a 4 phase sport

Flatwork test Dressage

 A test of skill & precision through obstacles Style

 A test of skill & speed through obstacles Speed

 Finally a team test of 4 riders working Cattle.

 In Australia the levels for official competition under Australian National Working Equitation (ANWE) are

Nichole over bridge

Lead line

Intro (Walk & Trot)

Preliminary (Walt, Trot & Canter)

Debutante W (Walk & Canter with walk through changes)

Debutante F (Walk & Canter with flying changes)

Consagrados 2 (Walk & Canter with a higher levels movements ridden with 2 hands)

Consagrados 1 (Ridden 1 handed with Grand Prix movements required in test)

Masters (Ridden 1 handed includes Piaffe & Passage)

Beth Reynolds travels Australia presenting Working Equitation Clinics for all levels of riders.

Jingellic Clinic

Contact Beth directly if you would like to host a Clinic at your facility or Riding Club. Beth 0403801133.

This link will take you to the Australian National Working Equitation Rule Book for more information http://www.anweltd.com.au/assets/anwe-rulebook-210717-vs2.1.pdf