There are some people who teach riding, and then there are people like Beth Reynolds from Reynolds Run who teaches so much more than that.
She has a way with horses that you only read about in novels, something much truer than what is peddled by marketing machines.
The proof? She stood next to my pony Mojo for all of 10 minutes a month or so ago. In that short time, she demonstrated for the group of riders she was teaching that day (including me) a few movements and techniques.
What I saw though was not just the refinement and the technique, and the results that got.
I saw my pony’s posture lift. His eyes soften. His body was receptive to her every move. His mind was with her completely. They became more than just a partnership.
It was kinda like watching a boyfriend fall in love with someone else!
Beth taught me so much that weekend, and my relationship and the work I do with Mojo is so much better for it. I’m so grateful, and so jealous of all the riders who live close to her and get to train with her regularly.
‎Anita Marchesani‎